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Established in 2007

I love to hear from our customers, their thoughts on their purchase and how they are getting on with them.

You can email me at thecrystallady@mysticearth.co.uk

‘A superb shopping experience as well as superior product. We received what was, in effect, a custom-made piece of jewellery at a comparatively modest price. A very warm-natured seller, obviously very interested in both the commission itself and the eventual response of the recipient of the item.’

‘It's just arrived, I'm stunned! Just opening the lovely wrapper and finding the beautiful silk purse was a treat! The bracelet itself is stunning, your photo just doesn't do it justice! I hope you don't mind but I've told all my FB buddies about it and put a link to your website, hope it sends some traffic your way.’

‘That was so quick, you have a real gift. I'll recommend you to my clients!’

‘The photo doesn’t do it justice. Its breathtaking. I cant wait to take it home, cleanse it, and spend some time with it before I actually start to wear it. Again, just beautiful.’

‘Excellent, speedy service. Necklace was wrapped with care’

‘Married for 47 years and finding it difficult to come up with a different present for my wife’s 67th birthday.  On browsing the Internet for ideas I came upon the Mystic Earth website, knowing she was well into natural products it peeked my interest. On contacting Anna-Marie the proprietor and product maker the perfect gift was made, a combination of healing stones (of which she seems already to be feeling the benefit) and her favourite colours. Thank you very much Anna-Marie, your help was very much appreciated by myself and my wife who was stunned at the beauty of the gift, especially at the thought that I could pick such a thing myself.

A grateful Villages resident, Florida’

‘In July you made for me a necklace and two pairs of earrings   at that time I was suffering with very bad pain in my shoulders and neck. I could not sleep and was unable to work in the garden, which since my retirement is my pride and joy, in fact I was in pain all the time.

 When I first put on the jewellery, which in itself is so beautiful I felt this warmth, which was very comfortable.  However on the following day, the pain was slightly worse I did however realise that this was a healing crises and from that day it slowly eased away.

Words can not express my gratitude to you for this relief from pain, I can now sleep and today have spent a wonderful day working in my garden, but not just these two aspects of my life have changed my whole outlook is different as I feel I can now do anything.  I am sure that I am also much easier to live with, and my long-suffering husband will agree.

Also this jewellery as I mentioned is so beautiful, I get compliments on it all the time. I wear the short pair of earrings every day but the second pair, which you made longer, enables me to be elegant in the evening. The two pairs was such a good idea of yours.

Again all my thanks; I definitely am a very satisfied and happy customer.’

Anna. Necklace arrived and its beautiful, thanks.”

“I love and adore my necklace, the crystals and their colours are perfect, it is very me! Thank you so much. As soon as I saw it I loved it. I am wearing it now!”

“I got home today from my craft fair, only to be excited to see a package on the floor for me!

I ripped it open, I’m not a careful so n so, to find a beautifully wrapped pressie! It was soo lovely. more lovely when I got through the green tissue, to find my bracelet in a pink purse!
I’ve just stuffed it with my jewellery money! I have 2 purses, my own, and another one for jewellery materials!

Then to find my bracelet! Its gorgeous! Sooo delicate and simple. I’m wearing it now, must remember to take it off for bed, and pop it back on in the morning :D
Thank you soo much

even nicer than I expected I am sure my grand-daughter will be thrilled”

“excellent product, super quick delivery - great communication! thanks!!!”

“very helpful and answered any questions i had she was brilliant”

“Beautiful bracelet, fantastic service, all perfect. THANKS!”

«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»

“Wonderful personal service & a great item. Will definitely be back. Thanks.”

“I recently purchased a necklace through Mystic Earth...not only do I absolutely love the totally unique item I bought, I have been thoroughly surprised and impressed by the way it has made me feel!

Recommended to me by a friend, I sought the help of Anna (who I must add was extremely friendly and helpful), to make me feel better in myself - something she believed the properties of crystals could help with. I was happy either way! I have a most beautiful necklace if nothing else....but, as the weeks have passed, sure enough the crystals seem to be working their magic!!

Anyone looking for fast, friendly service, unique and beautiful jewellery, and perhaps emotional/physical help through the therapeutic healing capabilities of the crystals themselves, will not be disappointed! Great Christmas gifts!”     

“I ordered a bracelet from Mystic Earth after reading a little about the benefits and healing properties of crystals. I was able have it created from the crystals that most suited my needs and was thrilled with the beautiful finished product. Excellent value for money.... I'm already thinking about ordering a necklace!! “

I've wanted beautiful earrings for a while and 'nothing was doing it for me' in many, if not, all jewellers! I thought "this isn't right...I can't find ANYTHING, not even at Tiffany's!"

I started to become attracted to crystals and becoming more and more intrigued by their beauty and healing properties. I stumbled on Anna, The Crystal Lady's website and by looking through her creations I was certain, "this is for me, this is perfect"! I contacted her straightaway. I loved filling out her questionnaire and discussing different styles with her. My earrings are truly beautiful. I get compliments each time I wear them. The whole experience has been wonderful. Anna is such a warm and considerate person. Her creativity shines through in her pieces. The lovely wee pouch and booklet my earrings came with made it all the more personal and special. I know that I would love to have a collection of her creations, most definitely.

Sarah Stewart, Preston, Lancashire.      

After receiving some beautiful earrings from Anna, I really felt the benefit of wearing them. With this belief and my wish for my hair to grow a bit longer, I bought Anna's gorgeous Unakite hairclip. I've worn it almost everyday for 2 months now, and I've really noticed a difference, not only in length, but in quality and shine too. My hair is much more healthy! My hubby even noticed a difference! I can't thank Anna enough for wearing something that's beautiful but also beneficial too...Result!

Sarah Stewart, Preston, Lancashire.

For Valentine's Day, my wife gave me a personalised crystal keyring from Mystic Earth. It was something really different and unexpected which really appealed to me. I've found it really convenient carrying it around in my pocket. I've also felt a real benefit from the crystals' properties especially whilst at work.

David Stewart, Preston, Lancashire  

Having recently bought beautiful creations from Anna, I had to ask her if she would create a pearl necklace for me, based on a style I saw at Tiffany's.

I absolutely love what Anna has created for me. It was far more than what I expected. From the beautiful rows of 4mm pearls with a 6mm pearl at intervals, to the gorgeous vintage rose clasp and dangle at the back, and the lovely Rose Quartz crystals placed on the end of each row. It is a truly special piece. Anna's work-womanship is second to none with many people complementing how 'beautiful', 'stunning' and 'striking' it is.

Anna is such a joy to work with. She's a great listener and kept me updated every step of the way. Its been another really enjoyable experience. I have a lovely collection forming!   

I have just received my necklace its beautiful and as you said even more beautiful than the picture. I cannot thank you enough i can't stop looking at it.

The bracelet has arrived and is a gift for my sister it is beautiful thank you so much and the wee bag and packaging is lovely.